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Are Porta Potties Indoors or Outdoors?

At the center stage of any outdoor social gathering or working premise, is sanitation needs. When you think of outdoor sanitation, the first thing that pops in your mind is a porta potty, right? Commonly referred to as portable toilets, porta potties come in handy in places without permanent sanitation plumbing. 

For this reason, they are commonly used in outdoor places like construction sites and social gatherings such as weddings, trade fairs, and concerts.

Here they provide a much instant sanitation solution without the need to have pre-installed plumbing systems.

Though they can still be used for indoor sanitation needs, porta potties are best suited for outdoor usage. This article gives information regarding their usage indoors or outdoors.  

Portable Toilets are useful at outdoor events

Health and Safety Compliance

Even though placement of porta potties for outdoor usage also requires some form of compliance from the local waste management authorities, indoor usage may come with a bit stricter health and safety regulations. Due to the limited space and the possibility of suffocation from chemicals and odors, compliance regulations may require you to install high-performance ventilation equipment. You may also be required to install emergency points as well as ADA-compliant features. All these requirements may prove to be financially imprudent considering the purpose of the potty might be for a single-day use. Failure to comply with such requirements comes with hefty fines and possible legal suits. 


Because of possible spills and awful odors from waste and chemicals used to clean, indoor usage of porta potties may compromise sanitation standards. This is because unlike outdoors where it is easier to clean any possible spillage, cleaning them inside might prove to be very daunting in both effort and time. In addition, chemical smell and waste odors are more concentrated in indoors, compared to outdoor where the air diffuses them. This therefore implies that indoor usage of porta potties might create below average sanitation standards. This does not auger very well with your guests, workers or colleagues. 

Installation and Removal

Porta potties company workers have an easy time installing and retrieving the units outdoors. This is because here, there is plenty of space to turn and move around, thereby minimizing risks of spillage and breakage of the units. However, when used indoors, workers would find it hard to install and retrieve the units. This is because they would have to navigate corners, stairs and elevators. As a result, spillages and breakages might occur, all of which might translate to unnecessary financial implications on you. Moreover, indoor usage of porta potties will require ample placement, something that may prove to be impractical for buildings with limited space.

When used indoors, porta potties will take a lot of time and effort when connecting them to the building sanitation plumbing. Unlike with outdoor, indoor usage might present you with lots of inconveniences when waiting for installation. 


For outdoor uses, porta potties rely heavily on the outdoor air to reduce the concentration of odors and chemical smells. Even though some potties come with some bit of ventilation features like a smaller solar-powered ACs, it would still not be enough to clear the odors when the unit is used indoors. This is because unlike outdoors, here, odors are more concentrated and a very powerful ventilation equipment is needed to provide a comfortable indoor air quality. 

Aesthetics and Comfort

Compared to the permanent building restrooms, porta potties are not aesthetically appealing. Although they prove to be very useful for outdoor uses, they may not create a very good impression when used indoors. Here, they impede the free flow of traffic while hampering the clear line of the floor plan. In addition, the units are not very appealing to guests in social gatherings like weddings and corporate events. It would even be more challenging if a spillage occurred since it would be harder to clean it than when the potty is used outdoors. 

From convenience, financial prudence, a safe and clean working environment, timesaving to environmental sustainability, the allure of porta potties is unmatched. Some units even come with ADA-compliant features, washing stations, ambience lighting and energy efficient ventilation systems. However, even with all these benefits and comfort, their allure can quickly turn into inconvenience when the units are used indoors, especially in social gatherings. 

Due to indoor space, ventilation, sanitation, safety and health compliance, to aesthetics and comfort limitations, the use of porta potties in the indoors is not recommended. However, they may still be used, but lots of mechanisms and measures would have to come into play, all of which might prove very inconvenient in terms of money and time. 

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