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What are the Dumpster Rental Laws in PA?

A dumpster is quite useful, be it at home or in a commercial building. It helps carry waste, from a wide range of activities, ensuring your environment is clean at all times. With such great use, it is important to have one on-site, especially if the area you are in produces a lot of waste. When it comes to acquiring, it is good to note that there are some laws that you should abide by to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. This article talks about the different laws and regulations that come into play when hiring a dumpster in Pennsylvania.

The Definition

The first aspect entails the definition of a dumpster. In Pennsylvania, it can be defined as a container that carries waste and one that is made for continuous use, meaning waste can be disposed of and the container used repeatedly. It can be provided for use by the municipality or private companies, which is the most common way.

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For you to have one on-site, you need a permit or any other form of approval that allows for its placement and use on your property.

As the use of dumpsters in PA continued to grow, citizens expressed their concerns regarding how individuals were utilizing them after several cases of littering and exposure to waste were experienced. This made the relevant authorities come up with different laws and regulations regarding the best way to make use of these waste containers to ensure a great experience for everyone.

Laws Regarding Hiring a Commercial Dumpster

If you have a commercial building or project that you are doing, you will need to have a dumpster on site to hold waste and other debris. For you to achieve this, you need proper comprehension of different laws and regulations that make this a possibility. You need a license and they are of different kinds depending on your specific use case for the dumpster. For instance, there are those that you place on construction sites, private property, or on a sidewalk. Those placed on private property require a one-time license and are charged based on size. They should also be hidden from direct public view using some kind of opaque fence or shrubs. As for those placed on a sidewalk, placement approval is needed and fees should be renewed every year.

Hiring for Residential or Home Use

You may need to do a home remodeling or any other form of construction project. At such a time, a lot of waste and debris will be produced, which will need to be properly disposed of. This therefore necessitates the need for a dumpster. Renting for residential or house use is quite different compared to when it is used for commercial purposes. In fact, you may not need a permit if you are getting it for residential use. However, you may be required to get one if you plan to have it placed in the public’s right of way. This can entail different areas like across the sidewalk or along the street.

Other Rules and Regulations

Apart from the aforementioned, you need to ensure that you abide by other set laws and regulations. For instance, in regards to cleanliness, the dumpster should be kept clean and in good condition. Waste should be emptied at least once a week and if it contains food waste that can be grinded, this emptying process should be done twice a week. Speaking of garbage that can be grinded, you should have separate garbage bins for this kind of waste. The Dumpster should be cleaned at least twice a year or more if need be. The cleaning should be conducted privately and away from public view to reduce the chances of exposing individuals to wastewater. You should also ensure that the containers do not overfill with excess waste, as this can cause an unsightly experience.

In instances where your rental may affect other people like impeding pedestrian passage, approval may be denied, forcing you to implement other waste disposal methods. Due to this, smaller details that you may not initially think of such as the amount of vehicle or pedestrian traffic, and the width of a sidewalk may be looked at prior to approval.

A dumpster plays a critical role in helping carry a lot of waste at once. Due to this, it can be used during a construction project at home, or at a commercial building to carry all waste emanating from different use cases. If you are looking to rent one, this article has provided all the information you need to familiarize yourself with the different laws and regulations regarding the hiring process.

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