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What Size Dumpster to Rent for Garage Clean Out?

Due to the less frequent visits to the area, garages can slowly turn into dumping sites for all manner of clutter. This is most evident in seasons like summer and spring when the weather is a bit friendly and cars do not have to be hidden inside them. However, there comes a time when the clutter in the garage piles up beyond limits and can take no more. In that case, clearing is needed to bring the garage to its original intended use while at the same time creating extra storage space. Having a rented roll-off container can help make the clearing process easier and take much less time than you would with other methods of waste disposal. The challenge with most people is deciding what size is necessary for this scope of work. Fortunately, this discussion aims to help you with making an informed choice.

Type of Garage Waste

Dumpster for a garage cleanout

Before we even get into evaluating the right choice, we should first ask ourselves what type of waste is produced during garage clearing. Understanding what type of waste is produced plays a role in determining the right size of container you will need. Old paint cans, broken toys, yard tools, old appliances, and auto spares are among the many types of waste you can expect to deal with. When it is not in constant use, a garage can often become the place to stash all manner of items that you do not need or less often need. Most of these types of wastes are allowed into rented roll-off containers, which makes containers a must-have for this scope of project. However, not everything is allowed into the containers; consulting with the provider is recommended before the commencement of the clearing.

Different Sizes of Waste Containers

Rented roll-off waste container sizes range from small, medium, and large to extra-large containers. In the small category, we have a 10-yard container that can hold loads of waste equivalent to that of three pickup trucks. This is suitable for most interior residential remodeling works including garage clearing. The second biggest container that falls in this category is the 12-yard container. They can hold loads of waste equivalent to that of five pickup trucks. The largest size of the small category are the 15-yard roll-off containers which can hold up to 6000 pounds of debris. Under the medium category, we have a 20-yard roll-off container. They are best suitable for large-scale residential projects like construction and tearing down of houses. Under the large category, we have the 30-yard roll-off containers. These are best suited for small-scale commercial projects like office renovation works. The last and the largest available in the market are the 40-yard roll-off containers. You can use these for just any residential and commercial project without the worry of running out of space.

Choosing the Appropriate Container Size

To arrive at the right choice, you need to factor in the type and size of waste your project will produce. With that answer, you then go on to determine the size of the lot where the container will be placed. If the space is limited, you will automatically need a smaller size container, even if the size of the waste is bigger. Moreover, you need to consider other things such as regulations of the local waste management authority. Rental charges are a key determinant when renting a container for garage clearing. This is because the rental roll-off container charges increase with size. Let your provider dispense all the information that pertains to the charges including flat and other hidden charges. This is where effective communication from both parties comes in handy. When looking for lower market prices, ensure to shop around and compare prices. However, do not be so preoccupied with lower market prices to the point of compromising on your expectations as far as quality is concerned.

Renting a roll-off container for garage clearing comes with lots of convenience since you do not have to stress with the disposal process. This leaves you with all the time you may require to concentrate on the smooth flow of the process. The only way to land the best container rental services is by fully vetting a few. You can do this by evaluating their portfolio on the company website. At the same time, ensure to do your own research so that you can make the most out of the service.

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