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How Long Can I Keep My Dumpster?

The amount of time you can keep your dumpster depends on a couple of factors. For instance, if you have a project that is going to take a lot of time, it makes sense to have your dumpster on site for that specific period.

However, this has to be agreed upon previously with the rental company to ensure there are no issues. Despite this, most companies are able to offer periods ranging from a couple of days to several weeks. This article gives information regarding this and many other factors that affect the number of days you can keep one.

The Scope of Your Project

The main reason you may be asking this question could be that you have a project that you know is going to take several days to complete and would like to have a place to dispose of the waste.

The full Dumpster is about to get hauled away

Lucky for you, most companies do offer bins for such projects. These could be like construction ventures and renovations. Since such jobs generate a lot of waste, they will require a lot of time to ensure proper disposal. On the other hand, smaller projects do not produce as much waste. Due to this, you will not have to rent for long. It is therefore important to gauge your project, understand whether it is a small or big job, and then come up with an estimate of the number of days you will need. With this information, you can be able to negotiate with the professionals properly.

The Type of Waste

The type of waste also plays a major role because you will find that some types like household junk or construction debris fill up quite fast. Due to this, you might not need to have the dumpster on site for a long period before disposal is done. Another instance is if you are dealing with hazardous materials. Although most companies do not allow for some materials, if the ones allowed are hazardous, then you will not need to have the dumpster for long. This is because such materials have to be handled as quickly as possible.

Your Budget

Your budget plays a critical role in determining the number of days you are going to have yours on-site. The reasoning behind this is that longer stays attract higher fees. On the other hand, shorter stays will require you to pay less. Therefore, the budget you have will have a huge impact on the number of days you can have the dumpster. If you are operating on a tight budget, it is best to collect your waste together and then have it hauled in one day or two instead of having to pay from the start of the project to the end. However, if your budget is good, you can decide to hire on the first day of your construction, for instance, and have it taken away once you are done with everything. Whatever way you decide to go, it is good to note that you need to set a balance between cost-effectiveness and effective waste disposal.

Weather Conditions

Another factor that may have a huge impact is the weather conditions. Adverse times like during heavy rainfall or snowfall can impede waste removal efforts. Such conditions may also affect workers negatively. Elements like rain may also add to the overall load that has to be removed. Due to these explanations, you will have to pay an extra amount if your job is going to be done under adverse conditions. This is because it will most likely take longer to get things done perfectly.


Accessibility to where you have placed the dumpster will have a huge impact on the duration you will have it. Easy-to-access places mean that the company will have an easier time getting things done. On the other hand, inaccessible places will mean a tougher job for them. They may even postpone your date to get the right staff and equipment to do this task. Due to these special needs, the dumpster may end up staying in your compound for longer than you had initially expected.

A dumpster is an important part of waste removal. It carries all waste in one place, meaning an easy job for you and the rental company. The duration that you will have it for should be initially discussed with the company. Doing this helps ensure a smooth experience for both parties. In case you want to extend past the agreed date, make sure you let them know a few days prior instead of catching them by surprise.

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